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Le-silo plays at MIMIfestival,Marseilles France. The date of concert 28th july 2006. For Le-silo, this is the first concert in Europe, and you are fortunate enough to be able to see us play. Make sure to bring swim-suit with you and get together at MIMI fes. Marseilles.

L to R/ Yoshiharu IZUTSU g/Michiaki SUGANUMA dr/Miyako KANAZAWA pf/

Lesilo has originaly started as a rock group named Miyako with Elegant Punk, and finally turned into progressive instrumental trio. It's music , bizarre , perverted,but somehow pleasent and includes much improvisation. Preferences of each menbers of the band have perfectly mingled and the playing style ,very versatile.They are much influenced by prog rock ,modern music ,and even hardcore and whatever.Lesilo has made it's debut with the album titled "8.8".

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